Southwestern hosts girls basketball camp in June

SWCC vs. Southeastern CC

Southwestern Head Women's Basketball Coach Bryan Austin recently announced the Spartan Girls Basketball Individual Camps to be held June 10-12, 2019, at the SWCC Student Center gymnasium.

The Elite Skills Camp will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. June 10-12 and is for girls in grades 8-12. Cost of the camp is $80.

The Youth Skills Camp will be held from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. June 10-12 and is for girls in grades 3-7. Cost of the camp is $80.

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The camp is designed to develop and improve fundamental skills of all players. Specialized camp instruction will include station work in both offensive and defensive areas, position work, and competitive contests. Various competitions such as 1-on-1, 3-on-3, and 5-on-5 will be implemented throughout camp. The camp will be divided by both age and ability groups, complemented by matching instruction and competition. Teamwork and communication skills will be built into station work and competitions. An emphasis will be placed on teaching the game through positive instruction from coaches and positive interaction with other campers.

Offensive Skill Development

Campers will develop fundamental offensive skills including footwork, ball handling, passing, screening, position work and shooting by going through similar drills that Spartan players go through at practice. Players will have the ability to put these skills to the test through various contests. Along with individual skills, basic offensive team concepts and principles will be introduced through various 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 5-on-5 game situations.

Defensive Skill Development

In addition to enhancing their offensive game, campers will be introduced to basic defensive concepts including stance work, rebounding, positioning and defensive rotations. Teamwork on the defensive end through communication is highly encouraged and practiced at our camps! These skills are also put to use during the game situations the campers will participate in.

With questions, contact coach Austin at 816.527.5948 or

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