Basketball team teaches skills to local preschoolers

Women's basketball players with children
Members of the Spartan women's basketball team pose with preschoolers following their basketball skills clinic with the children.

The Spartan women’s basketball team recently spent some time with the preschoolers at the MATURA Head Start program in Creston.

During their visit to the students’ 30-minute physical education class, they worked with the 3- and 4-year-olds to teach them basketball skills. They did dynamic stretches to warm up, practiced dribbling and shooting skills, and finished with cool down static stretching.

Pictured above with the preschool students are Chris Wirtz (sitting), classroom teacher; Southwestern women’s basketball players Raeven Hayes, Kierra Brice, and Tina Lair-Van Meter; Southwestern Assistant Coach Morgan Knorr; and Southwestern Head Coach Addae Houston.